Behnam Shad, Klaus

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With this book, Klaus Behnam Shad presents a provocative reflection on the possibilities and limits of universal ethics, which, particularly in the form of human rights, currently serve to legitimize a wide range of humanitarian interventions. On the one hand, Behnam Shad goes beyond the usual ethnological concern with research-practical moral questions and, on the other hand, beyond the empirical investigation of moral problems of actors in the context of recent anthropology of morality. Rather, he exposes himself and the...




Fear of Islam is growing in the western world. What are the historical, political, sociocultural and religious perspectives underlying this sense of threat? In particular, the warning signs from Islamic fundamentalists and the failed integration policy of recent years are the subject of controversial discussion in the western world - especially in Germany. This book attempts to provide an answer by looking at developments in the Islamic world itself. This includes, on the one hand, Islamic fundamentalism and Al-Qaeda, but...


The role of Islam in Indonesia's recent political and civil society history has been the subject of controversial discussions for years. Since the overthrow of Suharto in 1998, and in the course of the democratization process that began thereafter, militant Islam in particular has increasingly attracted the attention of world public opinion, in addition to the large number of newly emerging Islamic-influenced parties. Klaus Behnam Shad's work is dedicated to the question of how the highly complicated relationship between domestic...