Mishra-Knyrim, Dr. Manika

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Ectomycorrhiza Paxillus involutus (two strains: Maj and Nau) were used to synthesize mycorrhiza with Populus canescens in an axenic culture. Next fungal strain Maj and the systemic fungicide Previcur® N were used on 5 clones of Populus nigra cuttings in an open condition. Biometric parameters, microsatellite, photosynthesis rate, ecto- and arbuscular mycorrhization, endophytic fungal colonisation, ITS-sequencing, biochemical analysis, insect feeding test and emission of volatile compounds were studied. Details Titel: Influence of ectomycorrhiza Paxillus involutus (Batsch. Ex. Fr.) inoculation and fungicide treatment on Populus sp. Autor:...