Architecture & Construction

Architecture & Construction

The construction of the house is one of the oldest known cultural techniques in our society, which we still use today. Together with the design of the immediate environment, a survivable space for people is created there. In addition to the planning and construction of buildings, the Architecture and Civil Engineering discipline also deals with bridges, tunnels and waterways. Traffic models or construction processes are more process-oriented and thus show the complexity of this category. We offer you a selection of specialist literature so that you can acquire either an overview or detailed knowledge in certain areas. If you want to publish a manuscript in this category yourself, we are at your side with our experience.

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Patrick Zamariàn's master's thesis at the gta institute at ETH Zurich is dedicated to a "Pamphlet against the inferiority complex in German architecture" published in the journal Der Baumeister in 1987. The appeal, written by the prominent German architects Oswald Mathias Ungers and Meinhard von Gerkan, met with a great response - albeit briefly - and was discussed extremely controversially in the professional world. The present work is dedicated to this forgotten debate in order to provide a more differentiated...


The larger insulating material thicknesses, the demands on the aesthetics of a flat roof structure and larger spans have led to the development of the fully insulated, prefabricated Multibox element as a flat roof. Due to the arrangement of the load-bearing wooden elements between the vapor barrier and the roof skin without a rear ventilation level, the construction is not unproblematic from a building physics point of view. In addition, the number of cases of damage to such constructions has...