The world population will continue to grow in the coming decades, and nations and communities will be enriched by more and more new citizens. More than ever, language means being able to build a bridge between people. Through them we are able to communicate with each other, to formulate needs and to exchange perceptions. Linguistics examines various components and sub-disciplines. Both fundamental similarities between different languages, as well as grammatical theory or applied linguistics show the complexity of this subject area. Get an overview with the help of our offer or deepen your knowledge selectively. You are also welcome to contact us and our extensive experience if you want to publish a manuscript in this area yourself.

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The present study provides a historical overview of the Hyâyna, Arab nomads from the Banu Hilal group, as well as information on the geography, administrative divisions and the agricultural and social sectors of the Hyâyna region. As the first detailed presentation, it deals in detail with this ethnic group and its language. It also provides valuable insights into the problem of Arabization of significant parts of Morocco between the 11th and 14th centuries. In the present case, it is not...


The amount of regional information in the Russian textbooks for the German language was and remains large. The textbooks for the German language provide valuable information about cultural and public life in Germany. Certain information through the intense recovery is stereotyped. The subject of this thesis is what images of Germany are presented in Russian school textbooks in the period 1986-2006 and whether these images have survived to this day. The study shows whether modern textbooks show a differentiated image...