cultural studies

cultural studies

Culture represents something like the common canon of values ​​in a society. As an expression of community and the way of living together, many areas can be located under it: language, religion, art, customs, manners or even interpersonal interactions. Cultural studies can be understood as a kind of metacategory and as what makes a diverse society. Optimedien offers you insights and perspectives into a wide variety of cultural forms. If you are considering publishing a cultural studies manuscript yourself, we would be happy to help you with our expertise. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Cities in the Global South grow fast. Infrastructure struggles to keep up with the growth. At a certain point it fails. The population of a fast growing city needs food. Therefore a close look at urban and peri-urban agriculture is necessary to provide it even if infrastructure might collapse. This book investigates the livestock production and marketing, its chances and obstacles in a fast growing city in Northern Ghana. Details Title: THE COW EATS THE CHAMELEON Subtitle: Urban and peri-urban...


The fate of an individual is often not given enough attention in the historical context, often due to a lack of sources. How did Transylvanian Saxons who had decided to become teachers and pastors perceive their personal development? What impression did the happy and sad events of both their own lives and of world history make on them? A family book that was found in October 2005 in almost unedited condition provides answers to these questions in biographies from the...