Environmental research, ecology & nature conservation

Environmental research, ecology & nature conservation

Currently, the debate about the environment around us is receiving a great deal of attention, because nature's economy is subject to the interrelationships between living beings and their environment. Ecology is used to research which living being influences the balance and which environmental phenomena in turn affect these living beings. Nature conservation strives to maintain this delicate balance, while environmental research deals with the possible causalities of the ecosystem. If you want to update your knowledge, base your opinion or expand your perspectives, you will find what you are looking for in our specialist literature. If you have your own scientific work and knowledge in this field, feel free to contact us and let us help you with your publication.

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In recent decades, the frequency of flood events has increased significantly due to human intervention in the natural course of rivers. However, the population's awareness of the increased risk of flooding is low. In order to counteract this development, the observation of sustainable flood protection measures and their propagation in the public and in the educational sector are essential. The present work starts at this point and includes a series of lessons with ESD claim for the subjects of social...


The drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) is an endangered, terrestrial primate endemic to the Lower Guinean rainforests between the Cross and Sanaga Rivers and on the island of Bioko in Central Africa. Rarely studied in the wild, the current status and ecological needs of the species are poorly understood. The book presents data on drill diet, seed handling, group size and structure, and conservation status from a study in the Korup National Park, Cameroon. Ecological findings are compared to reports from the...