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art science

Art is an important synonym of the human creative process. This process begins with the individual's perception of his or her environment. The result is to give this a form as a material image, to transfer one's own imagination and interpretation of reality into reality. This includes in many ways the fine arts in the form of painting, sculpture or architecture. Likewise, however, music, literature or performing arts in the form of theatre, film or dance. Art studies deals professionally with the different art forms and illuminates individual epochs and characteristics. Get a well-founded overview with the help of our offer. Would you like to publish specialist literature in the field of art studies yourself? Contact us with confidence and benefit from our experience in this field.

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Since its beginnings, the history of opera has been shaped by adaptations of popular subjects and literary material. But according to what rules do such opera adaptations work? Which dramaturgical means are used in the transformative process of adaptation and what are the consequences for the original template? ​Based on the Danish opera Lulu by Friedrich Daniel Rudolph Kuhlau, first performed in Copenhagen in 1824, the adaptation of a narrative text is examined on a textual and musical level. In...


Argula von Grumbach, née von Stauff, dared to enter public space as a woman. By defending the young Magister Arsacius Seehofer, who was influenced by Lutheran ideas, she challenged not only the scholars of the University of Ingolstadt, but the entire Catholic establishment. The conference volume brings together essays that deal with the first Reformation writer as well as with her family and other female "border crossers". But it also opens numerous windows into an extremely exciting, energetic time, into...