Terms of Use

Dear colleagues,

the advertising texts (blurbs, author information, tables of contents and excerpts, etc.) as well as the cover images, caricatures and author photos of our books can be used freely in the print and online media in compliance with these terms of use and data protection declaration. We will be happy to send you other materials in print quality on request. Please send us an email to presse[at]sieversmedien.com.

Terms of use for the advertising texts and images:

The advertising texts, graphics, photos, etc. may be used free of charge for private and commercial projects under the following conditions:

  • The advertising text/image must contain a reference to the website www.sieversmedien.com (on the Internet as an active link).
  • Example (print): Text: www.sieversmedien.com Example (Internet): Photo: www.sieversmedien.com
  • The proof of the advertising text and image source must be on the same page and in a visible area so that it can be clearly assigned to the photo or advertising text. Alternative methods are only permitted if they are clearly assigned.
  • If the advertising texts and images are used in CD-ROMs or printed works, SIEVERSMEDIEN Verlag will receive two specimen copies by post without being asked.
  • SIEVERSMEDIEN Verlag assumes no liability for any improper use.
  • The user of the images and advertising texts must indemnify SIEVERSMEDIEN Verlag against any claims for damages arising from the use of the images and advertising texts.
  • The user of the advertising text and the image material is liable for the lawful use!
  • Graphics, illustrations, tables and text content from our books may be used freely for scientific work (final theses, dissertations, habilitation theses and university scripts), provided that the citation methods customary in science are observed. Authors of other book projects require written approval from the publisher.

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • The advertising texts and images may not be used in connection with pornographic, racist, right-wing radical content or content that violates a law!
  • The advertising texts and photos may not be used in a form or in a context that has a reputation-damaging effect, such as on the depicted object, a company, club or organization, person, brand, etc.
  • You may not use the promotional text and images in a context that may offend anyone's religious feelings.
  • The advertising texts and images may not be used without citing the source ("Photo: www.sieversmedien.com"). This also applies to excerpts from advertising texts, photos and photomontages.

Your SIEVERSMEDIEN editorial team