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Are you looking for a scientific publisher for your publication, are you planning to publish a textbook or do you want to print your lecture notes or brochure? The whole thing as a book, e-book and/or open access and are you looking for a publisher who can reliably implement your individual ideas? Then find out more about how uncomplicated a publication with SIEVERSMEDIEN can be on our website. SIEVERSMEDIEN Verlag publishes works in the fields of science & research, studies & teaching as well as practice & work.

The most important information at a glance

What we publish

Science & Research: Research reports, conference proceedings, dissertations, postdoctoral theses, master's theses, bachelor's theses, master's theses, series. Studies & Teaching: Study scripts, textbooks, reference books, workbooks. Practice & Profession: Specialist books, guides, brochures, → for companies, professions and administration.

Publication Guidelines

Only titles that are scientifically qualified are accepted into our science program. For this reason, SIEVERSMEDIEN only publishes works with a grade of 2.0 or better, dissertations with a grade of Summa cum laude and Magna cum laude. Papers with lower grades will not be published. Reference books, anthologies and other publications are checked editorially and approved in writing. Evidence is required!

publishing contract

If you meet the publication guidelines, we will be happy to conclude a publishing contract with you. Your publication will immediately receive an ISBN, so your work can be pre-ordered when it is published. We start the marketing measures at an early stage so that your book is placed in the scientific media as quickly as possible.

Free publication

Science thrives on exchange, on sharing and publishing important findings - SIEVERSMEDIEN Verlag is part of this process by publishing the scientific specialist literature that is produced every day at universities and colleges. Fast, uncomplicated and always free for the author!

cover layout

You will receive an individual cover layout tailored to your work. The processing is carried out by professional designers, so that your publication will receive an expressive and media-effective cover design with a high recognition value.

Our philosophy: One book, one cover! - and not a standard cover for many books! Cover design is more important now than ever. The competition on the book market and especially in specialist literature is fiercely contested. A good topic and a good grade alone are no longer sufficient for good book sales. In addition to the topic, the cover is the most important selling point. The cover decides whether you will read the book or not! Even the automotive industry knows that you don't buy a car just because of the horsepower, but because you like the design. The same goes for books, because if your book is any good, get it published by a reputable publisher. All professional and expensive. If it doesn't work then it will be rejected. Everyone now knows that this is not true, but the impression on the cover influences reading behavior! Therefore, you should never settle for a standard cover. You want your book to be read, don't you?!

formatting guidelines

Our formatting information serves as a guide and can of course also be adapted for your document depending on the aesthetic sensibilities, although one should not deviate too far from them for an attractive printed product. All documents are checked editorially. Small adjustments are made independently by our editors.

Download Formatting Guidelines:
Word document (download in Word / PDF)
LaTex document (download in Word / PDF)

Editing - Proofreading

SIEVERSMEDIEN works with freelance editors, translators and copywriters. Each of you has many years of experience in proofreading, translating and copywriting. You have a high degree of stylistic confidence and precise knowledge of old and new spelling rules.

Proofreading: correct spelling, flawless grammar, correct punctuation, uniform spellings, rule-compliant hyphenation, typographical quotation marks, dashes/hyphens, etc., outline review

Editing: Proofreading + appropriate formulation, easily understandable style, well thought-out structure, coherence of content, general suggestions

In order for us to be able to calculate an offer for you, we need the following information: the subject area in which you want to publish and the number of words ("To determine the number of words, go to the Review tab in the Word document and click in the rubric Document check for counting words”) Write us an email to or use the contact form. We will contact you immediately.

ISBN; Registration; marketing

ISBN allocation, ISBN barcode & price barcode on the book covers, registration, marketing etc. are self-evident. The books are listed on and and are connected to bookstores worldwide. They are cataloged and digitized in the DNB (German National Library) and in the CLB (Coburg State Library), so that the books can also be found in any online library catalogue. The books and the authors are advertised with detailed information on our homepage.

book rights

It should be particularly mentioned that none of the authors give up their book rights to the publisher at any time. Parts of the work can be published in specialist journals, magazines or other journals at any time.


The citability is given for all of our books. Each author may use both texts and illustrations in the context of scientific citation. On request, we will also send the reviewers the original illustrations in print quality.

Image & graphic editing

For example, you want to change a few colors in an image or remove certain elements and you lack the experience with the layout and graphics programs to implement your ideas? No problem, we can fulfill almost every wish quickly and routinely. Have you drawn and digitized something and want to display it on the cover, but the quality of the image is too bad? Also no problem. We edit and vectorize self-created images so that they are optimally prepared for printing. You have seen a beautiful graphic in a book that you would like to use for your work, but are not allowed to use it for copyright reasons or the rights of use are too expensive, then let our artists create an individual graphic for you.

High-quality book equipment

Book equipment: We are one of the few publishers who can offer a work printing paper (100 g Alster work printing, 1.75 times the volume) for small runs. Book printing paper is the most expensive compared to all other types of paper (Soporset, illustrated printing, etc.), but offers many advantages in addition to readability and visual appearance, so that you will receive first-class books. The paper is wood-free, chlorine-free and acid-free. In addition, it is resistant to aging according to ANSI 3948 and ISO 9706 as well as FSC certified. A 260g BD cover is used for the softcover and finished with a matt or glossy finish, so that your book is durable over the long term and the colors on the cover are shown to their best advantage. Each book is individually shrink-wrapped. You can find detailed information under Book equipment.

Confirmation of the starting edition

All doctoral students receive a confirmation of the initial edition from us, which you can submit to the university. With this certificate we commit to:
- to catalog the books at the DNB (German National Library) and the CLB (Coburg State Library).
- to report the books to the VLB (directory of deliverable books) so that the books can be delivered through the book trade.
- and to fulfill the minimum print run stipulated by the doctoral regulations (usually 150 copies).

The authors do not need to order the minimum edition of 150 copies from us. You only order as many books as you need for your own use and for delivery to the university library. A maximum of 25 copies are required for the submission of the obligatory copies to the university library in the case of a publication (depending on the doctoral regulations, ask the dean's office if necessary).

VG word

We take care of the registration with the VG Wort for all authors. Detailed information about the online reporting procedure as well as the distribution factors and deadlines can be found at VG Wort.