Welcome, dear bloggers!

You love specialist literature, like to discuss it and have a blog, podcast or social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)? Here you will find your contact persons and all important information about working with us.

Our Blogger Policy

What requirements do I have to meet to receive review copies?

  • Your blog has existed for at least 6 months and has a valid imprint.
  • You have a vibrant social media channel with at least 1,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok.
  • You are a passionate reader of specialist literature and regularly publish content and detailed reviews in your field.
  • You act with your followers. The number of subscribers is not the only decisive factor for us. We also look for a good engagement rate on your posts to see if your subscribers are active and interested in your content.
  • Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot send review copies to reviewers who only publish their reviews on portals or online shops.
  • If you meet these requirements, please send us a review copy request using our form!

Which books can I request?

  • You can of course request and review any book from us.

Where can I find the covers of the books for my review?

  • Our covers can be downloaded from the respective product pages on our website.
  • The covers may only be used in their original design. Cropping and distortions are not allowed.

Can I use quotes from the books?

  • The citability is given for all of our books. You may use and publish both texts and illustrations in the context of scientific citation for your review.
  • Please make sure that you only use short quotations of a few sentences. You need permission from us to use longer sections.

May I use blurbs and excerpts from readings?

  • You may use the blurbs and reading samples in compliance with the terms of use and also link to the books, stating our website
  • Please make sure that you only use short quotations of a few sentences. You need permission from us to use longer sections.

May I use author:inside photos?

  • For legal reasons, author photos are generally not allowed to be shown.
  • In individual cases, please inquire at whether you may exceptionally use the photos free of charge.

When can I publish my reviews?

  • For new releases, we ask you to put your review online no earlier than three days before the publication date.
  • It would be desirable if you published it within two months of receiving the review copy at the latest.

Can I market my review online once it's published?

  • Ideally, you share your meetings in popular online shops and communities.
  • You are welcome to link to the respective product page on in your review.
  • You can mention our publisher accounts on Instagram and Facebook, if possible we share selected reviews.

How do I contact the publisher?

  • It is best to order review copies directly using the order form.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact