As an author, do I have to hand over my book rights to the publisher?

Very clear answer: NO! At SIEVERSMEDIEN Wissenschaftsverlag, the book rights remain with the author at all times. All authors have the right to continue using sections of text, graphics, etc. from their book.

Can I also use parts of my work in other publications?

Yes. The author/editor or the institute/company where the work was produced has the right to publish excerpts. Individual parts of the work can be found in specialist journals and the like. to be published. Each publication must be accompanied by a reference to the publication of the publisher. However, publications by online publication companies that compete with the publisher on the Internet etc. are not permitted and must be approved in writing by the publisher.

Can I also publish my work in electronic form at my university?

The author is free to make his scientific publication (dissertation, habilitation, research work, script or similar) available in electronic form to the respective university or its university library as a PDF file on the Internet.

Can I publish my work with another publisher?

The rights are contractually guaranteed to you as the author. However, it must be said very clearly that there is a limitation. Once you have published a book with us (also with all other publishers, we are no exception), then you cannot publish this book a second time with another publisher. You grant us an exclusive distribution right. Because of course we are pursuing an economic interest. But it also has the advantage for you that your book rights are protected by unlawful use by third parties.