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Visions are of great importance for shaping the future and especially for the success of the company. A vision is a realistic goal that reaches far into the future. However, the future is uncertain and cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, the success of management is increasingly determined by the correct, future-oriented...

Visions are of great importance for shaping the future and especially for the success of the company. A vision is a realistic goal that reaches far into the future. However, the future is uncertain and cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, the success of management is increasingly determined by the correct, future-oriented and strategic handling of phenomena such as complexity, dynamics and knowledge. Vision management plays a central role here, because a company vision makes it possible to work towards a clearly defined future goal. Visions must become goals. Vision management refers to the design and implementation of the corporate vision. The vision structures the thinking and actions in the company. On the other hand, a company or an institution without a vision that gives employees and management a direction for working together can be compared to a ship that is at the mercy of the stormy seas without steering or propulsion. The corporate vision describes how the company should develop in the future. It designates the long-term corporate development of the organization and shows an orientation for the corporate strategy. The corporate vision causes the "life" of the vision to be achieved. Managers should live the vision themselves. In this respect, they act as role models. This has far-reaching consequences, especially for the internal mission statement. The management is required to establish a comprehensible and balanced relationship between the corporate vision, the corporate goals, the business processes and the projects required to achieve the goals. A company-specific application of the core content of the Balanced Scorecard can be used for this purpose. Every commitment in the company should be based on the company's goals. Performance measurement is an important approach for measuring and controlling the performance of companies. With the performance pyramid, which is based on a customer-oriented approach, the strategic orientation of a company and its units can be measured using key figures. The corporate vision is communicated at all levels. Various controlling systems can be used to check the fulfillment of goals in the future and to control them. By determining the strategic adjustment, the company can secure competitive advantages. The motto is: Recognizing the future together! Secure competitiveness and future successfully implement visions with strategies!


  • Title: Vision Management
  • Subtitle: Design and implementation of the corporate vision and about strategies and common goals for controlling and securing the future corporate development
  • Author: Prof. Dr. dr h.c. Ulrich Wehrlin
  • Row: Future Management
  • Edition: 3rd edition
  • Band: 12
  • Publisher: Prof. Dr. dr h.c. Ulrich Wehrlin
  • Published: 3rd edition 30.12.2019
  • Subject: Economics
  • Product Type: Book (Hardcover)
  • Product type: textbook
  • Language: German
  • Binding: Softcover (paperback)
  • Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.8 cm (DIN A5)
  • Scope: 236 pages
  • Condition: New (shrink-wrapped in foil)
  • Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, industry attractiveness and competitive strength, business administration, controlling, experience curve model according to the Boston Consulting Group, future management, gap analysis, control, cost management, cybernetic control loop, management, mission, offensive innovation strategy, performance measurement, performance pyramid, performance Pyramid, portfolio situation Ansoff matrix, portfolio analysis and capital value share holder value, process model of strategic management, quality improvement, profitability and customer orientation, control, strategic planning, strategies, strategic adjustment, strategic business units, strategic controlling, strategic situation and standard strategies, Strategic management, strategic corporate management, SWOT analysis, triple bottom line approach, corporate governance, corporate culture, corporate mission statement, corporate philosophy, corporate management, corporate vision, corporate goals, vision, vision management, Competitive analysis according to Porter, competitive advantages and core competencies, goals, target agreement, future design, future management, future planning, future strategies


The economist Ulrich Wehrlin, economist, professor of management at a state university, Doctor of Philosophy at a state university, has been successful as a management consultant, economic researcher, lecturer, lecturer, learning system developer and textbook author internationally and on behalf of various universities since the early 1980s , distance learning colleges, economic research institutes and numerous well-known large companies. As a trained graduate economist (Univ.) with a focus on business administration, organization, human resources, management theory, service management, executive development, psychology, health economics, social management and organizational development, he has been working for several decades in the As part of his teaching, lecturing in adult education, leadership development, coaching, in numerous seminars, lectures and correspondence courses active and successful for a meaning-oriented , partnership and, above all, fair dealings with employees as well as equal opportunities for women and men in companies and organizations, which also significantly influences the practical content of his textbooks. From this humanitarian perspective, which already emerges from the management classic "Simultan Management" - textbook from 1994, essential consequences for the organization and company management can be derived, which can be bundled in the approach of employee-oriented, situational management.


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