FM 21 | Management through meaning orientation | 3rd Edition


"Humans are beings in search of meaning" (Viktor E. Frankl). Management should take into account people's striving for meaning, because: "What we want, what we need, is not just money from which we can live, but primarily something for which we can live, which gives meaning to our lives! "...

"Humans are beings in search of meaning" (Viktor E. Frankl). Management should take into account people's striving for meaning, because: "What we want, what we need, is not just money from which we can live, but primarily something for which we can live, which gives meaning to our lives! " (Victor E. Frankl). Although the focus of professional activity is usually on earning an income, management and leadership also have to take other human concerns into account. For this reason, meaning-oriented leadership focuses on people and their needs. "Meaning-oriented leadership is an approach to the leadership of people and organizations. With this approach, the focus of the leadership philosophy is on both the "meaning" and the "striving for meaning of people". The striving for meaning drives people and ensures the appropriate self-motivation. Management through meaning orientation is not only based on economic aspects, but also integrates meaning-oriented leadership. Management is faced with the task of creating an optimal framework that does justice to the individuality and creativity of people. At the same time, the knowledge is found and methods of "Positive Leadership" as well as "Management by Target Agreement" and "Vision Management" Anyone who knows how to convey meaning to people will win them over and will also receive the necessary commitment, helpful creativity and motivation from them .The meaning-oriented leadership theory supports t is based on the findings of motivation psychology, performance psychology, leadership psychology and work sociology. In management concepts, the "sense" of performance motivation and the individual as well as professional and personal development of employees is becoming increasingly important. Above all, the aspect of "meaning" should also be integrated into the self-management of managers. People who do not see any meaning in their work are at risk of suffering from burnout, for example. As a way out, many affected employees and managers are looking for change and see the solution in taking on new challenges. Since the success of management and thus of the company is increasingly determined by the correct, future-oriented or strategic approach to phenomena such as complexity, dynamics and knowledge, management through meaning is an important instrument for improving the satisfaction and performance of employees and managers This textbook by Prof. dr dr h.c. Ulrich Wehrlin provides the reader with basic methods and concepts for the successful implementation of management and leadership through meaningful orientation. It is aimed at entrepreneurs and managers, students of all disciplines and professionals interested in management or founding a company. The book appears in the series "Future Management" ? future-oriented, innovative corporate management, change management, personnel and organizational development in the learning organization.


  • Title: Management through meaning
  • Subtitle: Competitive advantages with performance-enhancing management and leadership by conveying meaning: performance motivation, performance recognition and development and innovation
  • Author: Prof. Dr. dr h.c. Ulrich Wehrlin
  • Series: Future Management
  • Edition: 3rd edition
  • Band: 21
  • Publisher: Prof. Dr. dr h.c. Ulrich Wehrlin
  • Published: 3rd edition 30.12.2019
  • Subject: Economics
  • Product Type: Book (Hardcover)
  • Product type: textbook
  • Language: German
  • Binding: Softcover (paperback)
  • Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.8 cm (DIN A5)
  • Scope: 472 pages
  • Condition: New (shrink-wrapped in foil)
  • Keywords: work psychology, work sociology, business administration, change management, self-motivation, future management, leadership psychology, leadership styles, human resource management, cooperative leadership style, leadership, management, management systems, employee-oriented leadership, motivational psychology, motivation of executives, personnel development, personnel management, key competencies and personality development for leaders/managers, meaning management, meaning and purpose of organizations, conveying meaning, meaning of companies, strategic management, team leadership, corporate philosophy, corporate management

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